• Web App Development
  • PHP, jQuery, AJAX & WordPress template creation
  • Lead developer & Digital Designer


Based on initial concept, create a fully functioning web-based app that is clean, modern and user friendly, where visitors can create their own accounts and record their company’s achievements. Results should be displayed in graphs that are easily exportable to a printable format.


ERi is an interactive app, with interfaces customised for both mobile and desktop use. An additional 6 page website, with integrated blog and social feeds was also created as a marketing tool to sit alongside the app.


Tonic Agency

The Members Area

Building upon WordPress’ user database functionality, the member registration and login process was customised for use with the app, allowing for additional fields to be created where needed and a CAPTCHA user check to be put in place for increased security. 

Back-End Developement

As well as front-end design, additional responsibilities included WordPress plug-in and theme development. A combination of PHP, jQuery and AJAX were used to enable communication with the database, allowing HTML created forms the ability to instantly save the responses made by the user.


The data obtained within the app is instantly populated into a spider diagram for user reference. The page is viewable on desktop devices, and can be exported into PDF format, allowing the results to be emailed, printed or saved for future use.